Business Benefits

Simple five step setup on mobile phone or tablet.

SafeW8 works with all types of businesses, and wherever customers wait in line (e.g. coffee shops, grocery & hardware stores, florists, schools, restaurants, even city hall.)

Optimize customer distribution for increase sales and an improved customer experience.

It is designed to work with businesses of all sizes...from single entrance 'mom & pop' businesses, to multi-door 'big box' enterprises.

If you're working with a business using SafeW8 to manage your customer access, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find video tutorials to help you setup the app for your specific business. First you'll need to download the SafeW8 Manager companion app. If navigating the setup process on the app isn't completely clear to you, please watch the video below.

Setting up SafeW8 Manager:

Business Companion App.

Setting up your business with SafeW8 Manager is a snap. Once you've downloaded the app, simply follow the five step setup process from the business location.

Get SafeW8 Manager:

Business Companion App

The control panel for business managers to setup and manage their customer queues. 

Learn about how SafeW8 can help your business.