Waiting in line with your phone couldn't be easier. Once you download the FREE SafeW8 app. Simply follow the steps below.

SafeW8 supports multi entry/exit businesses. A greeter at each entrance can facilitate entry....

It's not practical for most small businesses to staff a dedicated 'greeter' at the door to manage customer traffic; particularly when traffic comes in waves. With SafeW8 you can secure a tablet at the front door or in a window, and help customers manage accordingly.

Smart Virtual Queue


SafeW8 is built on Amberjack’s proprietary mobile Smart Virtual Queue platform, which is location aware and optimized to ensure businesses can keep humming along and customers are not left waiting. The platform allows for walk-ins and maximizes throughput to make sure businesses are busy and their customers are safe.

SafeW8 Manager is intuitive and easy-to-use. Businesses can setup the application in seconds with no training required.