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Customers can now join the queue from any phone!

SafeW8 has added the capability for anyone to join a line by simply sending a text or calling into a phone number---no app download required.

When a customer calls into your dedicated SafeW8 phone number, they will be notified of the wait time and asked if they want to join the queue. Once they confirm, they will receive periodic notifications about the wait time, and eventually when to approach the service point.

This new feature is especially useful when introducing smart mobile queuing to first time users or for one-off applications. If your customers prefer, they can still download and utilize the SafeW8 consumer app for enhanced functionality (such as: location awareness, time to leave notifications, on-demand wait time queries, queue history tracking, etc.).

To set up a telephone call/text solution for your organization, contact Amberjacks Labs. When you choose to work with AmberJack Labs, we will procure and set up a phone number for you, and help you roll out the solution. It’s really quite a straightforward process. We can even implement your solution to work in conjunction with or without your customers having made a reservation.

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