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Testing and vaccination lines for COVID-19

This past year has been extraordinary for many reasons...not the least of which is the amount of time that people wait in line. While there have been lines in many everyday places (such as grocery stores) the real 400 pound gorilla in the room for the past several months has been people waiting for COVID tests...and now vaccines.

A Google search on ‘waiting in line’ returns over 1 billion results!!

There are clearly a lot of puzzle pieces to vaccinating millions of people quickly. Aside from the complexities of vaccine production and distribution at the highest level, much of the challenge is presented within the ‘last mile’...or in this case with a shot in the arm. Some vaccine providers have managed to implement appointment systems, although with a relatively short time required to vaccinate someone, these systems quickly devolve into mass waiting events. An ‘appointment’ in this sense is essentially an ‘arrival window’. I would assume that actual rates of injection vary widely from the average 30 injections/hour/station in the real world; and that wait times build very quickly.

Smart Mobile Queuing still requires people to wait, but it dramatically alters how people wait. Rather than standing outside in a line, people would have all sorts of options for how they would wait…including in the warmth, comfort and safety of their own home. They would simply join the ‘line’ from their mobile phone, and receive notifications about the wait time and for when to proceed to the entrance. They could then leisurely approach and be admitted.

If you represent a Public Health Department, medical group, pharmacy, or clinic managing testing or vaccinations please contact us (via the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page) and let us help you make this next stage of the pandemic safer, faster, and less frustrating for everyone.

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