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Does your reopening plan include eliminating lines?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In ordinary times waiting in line is a waste of time---in 2020 waiting in line could be downright dangerous. It's really sort of surprising that we accept this anachronism as a necessary inconvenience rather than the industrial age behavior that it is.

We humans aren't always quick to change things that we've become accustomed to; and sometimes it takes a jarring occurrence to change the way we think about things. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a catalyst for a lot of change, and we think it presents an opportunity for us to re-envision the notion of 'waiting in line' all together.

With all the technology available today, why do we still insist on using our flesh and bones body for something as basic as holding our place in a line?! A lump of coal would work just as well!

SafeW8 has introduced a solution whereby people can wait in line virtually with their mobile smartphone. We're on a quest to eliminate lines wherever they exist, and we think now is the time to change beliefs of what are normal and acceptable behaviors.

We too look forward to a time when we can be around people again, but we'd prefer to do that at a music festival or a sporting event....not waiting in line for a hotdog or at the DMV.

Let's implement smart mobile queuing as another way to keep us safe in this time of social distancing; and then let's get rid of lines once and for all---so we can spend more quality time together when that time comes.

Where are there lines you'd like to eliminate?

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