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Smoothing reservation check-in with SafeW8

COVID19 has changed the way customers wait for appointments.

In today’s COVID19 environment customers no longer sit in crowded waiting areas when they arrive for appointments. Currently, most businesses post a sign on the door telling people to call the receptionist when they arrive. The current process is time consuming and error prone leaving your staff and customers frustrated.

With SafeW8 your business is automatically notified when customers arrive and customers are notified to wait nearby. When you are ready for your customer to approach your service area, your staff can notify them with a single click.

This capability helps restaurants, doctors offices, government agencies---anywhere where customers traditionally used a waiting room.

Businesses can use SafeW8 as a standalone application or integrate the mobile queuing capabilities into their existing business mobile application using SafeW8’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

You can probably do it yourself, in a few minutes, but let us know if we can help you implement your solution.

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