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Texas school district uses SafeW8 for crowd-free student drop-off and pickup

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When the school district rolled out its Gifted and Talented testing program this year they had a new challenge. In past years, parents would just bring their four and five year old children into the testing lab and wait outside in the hallway while their children were being tested. With the team testing 400-500 students in a day this would have resulted in crowded waiting areas that were no longer possible because of the COVID19 outbreak.

The team selected SafeW8 to orchestrate an orderly and efficient process. When parents arrive in the parking area with their child, they simply call or text a telephone number dedicated to the school district testing program. SafeW8 automatically checks the child in and lets the monitors know, via an iPad app, that the student has arrived.

When the monitors are ready for the next student they simply select the student on the app, and the parent automatically receives a text message asking them to bring their child to the front. Similarly, there are automated processes for picking up the student or contacting the parent if the student needs assistance. SafeW8 has the added benefit of providing parents with visibility as to where their child is as well as ensuring that only an authorized person is picking the child up.

With SafeW8 the process was more efficient than the pre-COVID manual process and allows the school district to go forward with testing and keep parents and students safely socially distanced.

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